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Sunday 07 February 2016
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Dear friends
My new novel "Passage of Tears" is out in English from SEAGULL BOOKS (India/UK) @seagullbooks.
Distribution in the USA made possible by the University of Chicago Press. Spread the word.
In solidarity


Passage of tears

Djibouti, a hot, impoverished little country on the Horn of Africa, is a place of great strategic importance, for off its coast lies a crucial passage for the world’s oil. In this novel by Abdourahman A. Waberi, Djibril, a young Djiboutian voluntarily exiled in Montreal, returns to his native land to prepare a report for an American economic intelligence firm. Meanwhile, a shadowy, threatening figure imprisoned in an island cell seems to know Djibril’s every move. He takes dictation from his preaching cellmate known as his “Venerable Master,” but as the words are put on the page, a completely different text appears—the life of Walter Benjamin, Djibril’s favorite author. (...)

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TV Cultura - Entrelinhas

O programa entrevista Abdourahman Waberi, saudado pelo francês Le Clézio (no discurso de recepção do prêmio Nobel de Literatura, em 2008) como um dos grandes escritores contemporâneos da África.
Nascido no Djibuti em 1965, Waberi ainda é pouco conhecido no Brasil, mas esteve este ano em São Paulo para participar de um encontro na Casa das Áfricas, onde conversou com o poeta e arte-educador Allan da Rosa, colaborador do Entrelinhas.
O Entrelinhas é um programa da Tv Cultura.
Mais informações em: http://www.tvcultura.com.br/entrelinhas


Photo of Abdourahman WaberiAbdourahman A. Waberi is novelist, essayist, poet, academic and short-story writer. Abdourahman Waberi was born in Djibouti City in 1965. He went to France in 1985 to study English literature. Waberi worked as a literary Consultant for Editions Le Serpent à plumes, Paris, and as a literary critic for Le Monde Diplomatique. He has been a member (...)

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March 28, 2007

What and who are ’French writers’ ? New York Times

Alan Riding, International Herald Tribune/New York Times,

With French long engaged in a losing battle against English around the world, a new way of fighting back has been proposed by a multinational group of authors who write in French : Uncouple the language from France and turn French literature into "world literature" written in French.
For guardians of the language of Molière, Voltaire and Victor Hugo, this is (...)

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TRANSIT vient de sortir aux Etats-Unis, Indiana UP

Couverture du livre Transit traduit en anglais - Indiana UPWaiting at the Paris airport, two immigrants from Djibouti reveal parallel stories of war, child soldiers, arms trafficking, drugs, and hunger. Bashir is recently discharged from the army and wounded, finding himself inside the French Embassy. Harbi, whose wife, Alice, has been killed by the police, is there too—arrested earlier as a political suspect. An embassy official mistakes Bashir for Harbi's son, and as Harbi does not deny it, both will be exiled to France, Alice's home country. This brilliantly shrewd and cynical universal chronicle of war and exile, translated into English for the first time, amounts to a lyrical and reflective history of Djibouti and its tortuous politics, crippled economy, and devastated moral landscape.


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Africana World Cup

Documentaire imaginé et réalisé (en guise de projet final) par mes sympathiques et créatifs étudiants des Claremont Colleges